Is the Academy right for your child?

Many parents are interested in the opportunities available through College Credit Plus and The Ohio State University. As you consider the options for your child, here are some things to discuss as a family.

Challenging Topics
CCP courses are ‘real’ college classes. The pace is much faster than that of high school, the rigor is more difficult, and the content may cover challenging topics.
Faster Pace
College courses will cover the same amount of material in one semester (15 weeks) as a year-long high school course.
High Expectations
CCP courses will not be modified for younger students. Students will need to meet the same expectations for assignments. Opportunities for extra credit or to re-take exams are not common.
Maturity and Motivation
Is your student able to ask questions and advocate for herself? Will he be comfortable navigating his way through a large and complex campus? Will she meet with faculty to discuss the homework? Will he use the resources of the university?
Time Commitment
CCP courses will require additional time. Students will have reading assignments, homework problems, group assignments or other out-of-the-classroom expectations. This will affect the amount of time available for extra-curricular activities, sports and work experiences.
Travel Arrangements
Classes taught on campus will require transportation to campus. Will your child drive to campus? If so, they’ll need time to park and get across campus.

Success Tips

Students who are most successful in this program are students who are mature and motivated. Some of our best students are those who have interests that are not being met in the high school setting. The following document offers more information on how your child can succeed in college.

Taking College Courses