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Academic experiences for your best and brightest

The Ohio State Academy is a great option for students looking for a challenging classroom experience in a wide range of subjects. Academy students take the same classes as our undergraduate students, with the same professors and course work. Students who have already completed your most rigorous high school/CCP options, or students with specialized interests that aren’t being met locally, are excellent candidates for the Academy.

Students who succeed in the Academy:

  • Are academically prepared
  • Are mature and motivated
  • Can devote the time needed to excel in course work

A Wide Range of Classes

Ohio State has an incredible array of courses available. Here are some examples of courses that OSU Academy students have taken in the past:

  • Math (College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and beyond)
  • Statistics 1450 (online or on campus)
  • Foreign languages (continuing into upper level Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, or starting Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian or Korean)
  • Psychology 1100 (online or on campus)
  • Anthropology (Intro to Archeology, Cultural Anthropology)
  • Astronomy (online or on campus)
  • Environmental & Natural Resources 2100 (online or on campus)
  • Political science (online or on campus)
  • Public policy (John Glenn High School Internship Program)
  • Theatre (online or on campus)
  • Philosophy (Introduction, Ethics, Logic)
  • Educational Psychology (online or on campus college-success courses)

Locations Across the State and Online

Students who live close to one of our campuses in Columbus, Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Newark or ATI in Wooster can gain real college experience by attending classes on campus. For others, our assortment of online courses may be more convenient.



Admission is determined by campus of enrollment. For Columbus campus and online enrollment, students must meet selective Admission Criteria. Regional campuses offer an open enrollment option, as long as students meet the state College Readiness Standards.

All students must complete the Academy Application, submit transcripts and test scores, and have the high school submit the High School Information form. Download this form below.

High School Information Form

The Ohio State College Credit Plus Policy

The University’s approach to College Credit Plus has three components:


This well established, successful program will continue. It allows 7th- 12th grade students prepared for College-level coursework to attend college courses on campus (if within commuting distance) or online with current University students. It has served approximately 300 students who take 2-4 courses per year (with potential increases for 2015-2016 to ~550 students). It is well-known and respected across the State of Ohio, and has strong faculty support. Assessments reveal higher first-year retention and four-year graduation rates than those not in Academy cohorts.

Specific School Partnerships

The University maintains strong partnerships with a small set of selected schools often in targeted academic disciplines. They are typically cohort-based, and best practices that emerge from them inform other elements of the University’s College Credit Plus programs.

The current partnerships are with: Marion Harding High School (with OSU-Marion); Metro Early College STEM High School, Springfield Global Impact High School;  Southwestern City Schools; and St. Charles Prep High School.

Online General Education Courses

Effective with the 2015-16 academic year, and for the following three years, the University will offer selected general education courses with added capacity for College Credit Plus students.  Students who take online GE courses offered by the Columbus campus must meet admissions criteria that mirror those for first-year students. This component builds on the recent Office of Distance Education and E-Learning (ODEE)-led College Ready Ohio Program, funded by the Ohio Department of Education. 

Tuition Rates

Effective with the 2015-2016 academic year, the University will use the default tuition rates based on education environment and instructor in accordance with division (A) (1) of section 3365.07 of the Revised Code.

This three-part approach to College Credit Plus is in alignment with the University’s Enrollment Plan and in compliance with State policy.

College Credit Plus is overseen by the Office of Academic Affairs. Contact: Michele Brown, Program Director, 614-688-4468,