Level One Courses

Finding Classes for the "First 15"

New rules starting in summer 2018 require students to enroll in "Level One" courses during their first 15 hours in the CCP program. Ohio State has over 1,700 courses available in this category. We've divided the options into general content areas to help you search.

Important Notes:

  • Courses may not be offered every semester;
  • You will still need to meet any course prerequisites.

You can search for specific courses online at BuckeyeLink.

Arts & Design


ART 2100             Visual Studies:  Beginning Drawing

ART 2400             Visual Studies: Three-Dimensional

ART 2502             Intro to Ceramics - High Fire Techniques

ART 2504             Life Studio Drawing I

ART 2507             Introduction to Sculpture

ART 2516             Introduction to Relief and Intaglio Printmaking

ART 2524             Painting I

ART 2555             Photography I - Digital Camera

ART 3191.10        Internship: Art and Technology

ART 3191.20        Internship: Ceramics

ART 3191.30        Internship: Glass

ART 3191.40        Internship: Painting

ART 3191.60        Internship: Printmaking

ART 3191.70        Internship: Sculpture

ART 3555             Intro to Digital Photography & Contemporary Issues

ART 4191.50        Undergraduate Internship Photography


ARTEDUC 1600                  Art and Music Since 1945


DANCE 2401        Western Concert Dance: Renaissance to Present

DANCE 3201        Dance Composition I

DANCE 3411        History/Theory/Literature I

DANCE 3801        Kinesiology


HISTART 2001     Western Art I: Ancient and Medieval Worlds

HISTART 2002     Western Art II: The Renaissance to the Present

HISTART 2003     The Art and Visual Culture of East Asia

HISTART 2101     Introduction to African Art and Archaeology


MUSIC 2203.01  Chorale

MUSIC 2203.02  Symphonic Choir

MUSIC 2203.03  University Chorus

MUSIC 2203.04  Men's Glee Club

MUSIC 2203.05  Women's Glee Club

MUSIC 2204.01  University Wind Symphony

MUSIC 2204.02  University Symphonic Band

MUSIC 2204.04  University Band

MUSIC 2215.01  University Symphony Orchestra

MUSIC 2221        Music Theory I

MUSIC 2222        Music Theory II

MUSIC 2224        Aural Training I

MUSIC 2225        Aural Training II

MUSIC 2250        Music Cultures of the World

MUSIC 2251        The World of Classical Music

MUSIC 2252        History of Rock 'n' Roll

MUSIC 2253        Introduction to Jazz

MUSIC 2261.01   Keyboard Skills I

MUSIC 2262.01   Keyboard Skills II

MUSIC 3421        Music Theory III

MUSIC 3422        Music Theory IV

MUSIC 3424        Aural Training III

MUSIC 3425        Aural Training IV


THEATRE 2000.02              Technical Production Practicum: Sound

THEATRE 2000.04              Technical Production Practicum: Scenic Construction and Painting

THEATRE 2000.05              Technical Production Practicum: Costuming

THEATRE 2000.06              Technical Production Practicum: Lighting

THEATRE 2100                    Introduction to Theatre

THEATRE 2110                    Script Analysis

THEATRE 2811                    The Craft of Acting

THEATRE 3000                    Production Run Crew Practicum

THEATRE 4000.08               Practicum: Acting

Biological & Health Sciences


ANATOMY 2300.01          Human Anatomy

ANATOMY 2220               Human Structure and Function for Engineers

ANATOMY 3300               Advanced Human Anatomy for Undergraduates

ANATOMY 4300               Human Anatomy with Dissection

EEOB 2520                       Human Physiology

PHYSIO 3101                   Human Physiology I

PHYSIO 3102                   Human Physiology II

PHYSIO 3200                   Human Physiology


ANMLTEC 3191.01T          Equine Industry Internship Experience

ANMLTEC 3191.02T          Beef Industry Internship

ANMLTEC 3191.03T          Swine Industry Internship

ANMLTEC 3191.04T          Small Ruminant Industry Internship

ANMLTEC 3191.07T          Dairy Industry Internship


BIOETHC 2000    Theory and Foundations of Bioethics

BIOETHC 2010    Ethics of Biomedical Science Research Content


BIOLOGY 1101    Introductory Biology

BIOLOGY 1102    Human Biology

BIOLOGY 1110    Biology for the Health Sciences

BIOLOGY 1113    Biological Sciences: Energy Transfer and Development

BIOLOGY 1114    Biological Sciences: Form, Function, Diversity, and Ecology


HIMS  3520          Fundamentals of Health Information Management


HTHRHSC 2500                   Medical Terminology for the Health Professions

HTHRHSC 2530                   The Evolving Art and Science of Medicine


HUMNNTR 2310                Fundamentals of Nutrition

HUMNNTR 2314                Fundamentals of Food


KNHES 3209        Orientation to Exercise Science


NEUROSC 3191   Internship in Neuroscience


PUBHLTH 2010                   Introduction to Global Public Health


Business & Economics


ACCTMIS 2200   Introduction to Accounting I

ACCTMIS 2300   Introduction to Accounting II

BUSMGT 2320    Decision Sciences: Statistical Techniques

BUSMHR 2292    Business Skills & Environment

BUSMHR 2500    Entrepreneurship

BUSML 3250       Principles of Marketing


CSHSPMG 3700                 Controlling Food, Beverage, and Labor Costs

CSHSPMG 3720                 Food Service Management

CSHSPMG 3730                 Food Service Management Practicum


ECON 2001.01                    Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 2002.01                    Principles of Macroeconomics


BUSTEC 1151T    General Economics

BUSTEC 1202T    Software Applications

BUSTEC 2191T    Business Internship

BUSTEC 2231T    Fundamentals of Marketing

BUSTEC 2232T    Personal Selling

BUSTEC 2241T    Small Business Management

BUSTEC 2244T    Human Resource Management and Leadership

BUSTEC 2247T    Business Law

Education & Academic Success


*KNPE 4191          Physical Activity and Coaching Internship

*KNPE 4191.01     Internship: Elementary Physical Education

*KNPE 4191.02     Internship: Secondary Physical Education


*ESWDE 4191      Internship: Workforce Development & Education


ESEPSY 1259                      Individual Learning and Motivation: Strategies for Success in College

ESLTECH 2011                    Keys to Academic Success for Online Learners

EXP 1500                             Student Tech for Academic Success

GENSTDS 1201T                College Orientation

English & Communication


CLAS 1101            Introduction to Classical Literature

CLAS 2220            Classical Mythology


AGRCOMM 3130               Oral Expression in Agriculture

COMM 1100                       Communication in Society

COMM 3225                       Photojournalism

COMM 3620                       Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

COMM 4635                       Small Group Communication


COMPSTD 2101                Literature and Society

COMPSTD 2103                 Literature and the Self

COMPSTD 2104                 Literature, Science, and Technology


EDUTL 4174         Family Participation in Early Childhood School Programs: General Student Body

EDUTL 4191         Internship


ENGLISH 1110.01              First-Year English Composition

ENGLISH 1110.02              First-Year English Composition

ENGLISH 1110.03              First-Year English Composition

ENGLISH 2201                   Selected Works of British Literature: Medieval through 1800

ENGLISH 2202                   Selected Works of British Literature: 1800 to Present

ENGLISH 2220                   Introduction to Shakespeare

ENGLISH 2260                   Introduction to Poetry

ENGLISH 2261                   Introduction to Fiction

ENGLISH 2262                   Introduction to Drama

ENGLISH 2270                   Introduction to Folklore

ENGLISH 2280                   The English Bible

ENGLISH 2281                   Introduction to African-American Literature

ENGLISH 2290                   Colonial and U.S. Literature to 1865

ENGLISH 2291                   U.S. Literature: 1865 to Present

ENGLISH 2367.01              Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience

ENGLISH 2367.02              Literature in the U.S. Experience

ENGLISH 2367.03              Documentary in the U.S. Experience

ENGLISH 2367.04              Technology and Science in the U.S. Experience

ENGLISH 2367.05              The U.S. Folk Experience

ENGLISH 3361                   Narrative and Medicine

History & Society


AFAMAST 1121  African Civilizations to 1870

AFAMAST 1122  African Civilizations, 1870 to the Present

AFAMAST 2251  Introduction to African Literature


CLAS 2201            Classical Civilization: Greece

CLAS 2202            Classical Civilization: Rome


EALL 1231            East Asian Humanities


HISTORY 1101    Latin American Civilizations to 1825

HISTORY 1102    Latin American Civilizations since 1825

HISTORY 1151    American Civilization to 1877

HISTORY 1152    American Civilization since 1877

HISTORY 1211    Western Civilization to the 17th Century

HISTORY 1212    Western Civilization, 17th Century to Present

HISTORY 1681    World History to 1500

HISTORY 1682    World History from 1500 to the Present

HISTORY 2450    Ancient and Medieval Jewish History, 300 BCE-1100 CE

HISTORY 3191    Historical Internship


JEWSHST 2201   Introduction to Jewish Culture, Thought, and Practice


RELSTDS 2102.01               Literature and Religion

RELSTDS 2102.02               Comparative Sacred Texts


WGSST 1110                       Gender, Sex and Power

Humanities & Critical Thinking


PHILOS 1100                       Introduction to Philosophy

PHILOS 1300                       Introduction to Ethics

PHILOS 2400                       Political and Social Philosophy

PHILOS 2450                       Philosophical Problems in the Arts

Industrial Sciences


AGSYSMT 3191  Internship in Agricultural Systems Management


BIOWMGT 2010T              Introduction to Bioenergy and Biological Waste Management

BIOWMGT 2020T              Bioenergy and Wastewater Technologies

BIOWMGT 2030T              Feedstock Evaluation and Analysis

BIOWMGT 2189T              Bioenergy and Biological Waste Management Practicum

BIOWMGT 2191T              Bioenergy and Biological Waste Management Internship


CONSYSM 3191 Internship in Construction Systems Management


ENGR 1188                          Fundamentals of Engineering for Transfer - Problem Solving and Design

ENGR 1259                          Fundamentals of Academic Success for Engineering Students

ISE 2040                              Engineering Economics

MECHENG 2010                 Statics

MECHENG 2030                 Dynamics


ENGTECH 1201.01T          Exploring Engineering Technologies

ENGTECH 2011T                Small Engine Basics

ENGTECH 2050T                Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

ENGTECH 2191.01T          Construction Management Internship

ENGTECH 2191.02T          Hydraulic Power and Motion Control Internship

ENGTECH 2191.03T          Power Equipment Internship

ENGTECH 2191.04T          Agricultural Systems Technology Internship

ENGTECH 2214T                Fundamentals of Fluid Power and Components

ENGTECH 2221T                Component Rebuilding

ENGTECH 2224T                Fluids, Filtration, and Fluid Conveyance

ENGTECH 2234T                Basic Pneumatic Systems

ENGTECH 2238T                Electrohydraulics and System Design

ENGTECH 2240T                Welding Technology

ENGTECH 2242T                Metals and Metal Manufacturing

ENGTECH 2312T                Engineering Technology Fundamentals

ENGTECH 2322T                Basic Electricity and Electronics

ENGTECH 2336T                Methods of Power Transmission

Languages & Cultures


ARABIC 1101.01      Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I

ARABIC 1101.02      Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I: Intensive

ARABIC 1102.01      Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II

ARABIC 1102.02      Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II: Intensive

ARABIC 1103.01      Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I

ARABIC 1103.02      Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I: Intensive

ARABIC 2101          Arabic Grammar I

ARABIC 2104.01     Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II

ARABIC 2104.02     Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II: Intensive

*ARABIC 2194        Group Studies

ARABIC 2241         Culture of the Contemporary Arab World

ARABIC 2367         Issues in Arab-American Society, Culture, and Literature

ARABIC 2701        Classical and Medieval Arabic Literature in Translation

ARABIC 2702        Modern Arabic Literature in Translation

ARABIC 2705        The Arabian Nights

ARABIC 3105        Intermediate Literary Arabic Reading I

ARABIC 3301        Contemporary Folklore in the Arab World

ARABIC 3601        Introduction to Arabic Philosophy

ARABIC 4106        Intermediate Literary Arabic Reading II

ARABIC 4108        Advanced Arabic Grammar and Stylistics

ARABIC 4111        Colloquial Arabic I

ARABIC 4112        Colloquial Arabic II

ARABIC 4120        Arabic Media

ARABIC 4626        Introduction to the Arabic Qur'an


ASL 1101              Elementary American Sign Language I

ASL 1102              Elementary American Sign Language II

ASL 1103              Intermediate American Sign Language

ASL 2104              American Sign Language Conversational Discourse

ASL 3105              American Sign Language Literature

ASL 3350              American Deaf Arts and Literature

ASL 4189S            Intersection of American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community


BCS 1101              Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I

BCS 1102              Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II

BCS 1103              Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I

BCS 2104              Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II

BCS 3101              Advanced BCS I

BCS 3102              Advanced BCS II


CHINESE 1101.01               Level One Chinese I: Classroom Track

CHINESE 1101.02               Level One Chinese I: Summer Intensive Track

CHINESE 1101.51               Level One Chinese I: Individualized Track

CHINESE 1102.01               Level One Chinese II: Classroom Track

CHINESE 1102.02               Level One Chinese II: Summer Intensive Track

CHINESE 1102.51               Level One Chinese II: Individualized Track

CHINESE 1103.01               Level Two Chinese I: Classroom Track

CHINESE 1103.51               Level Two Chinese I: Individualized Track

CHINESE 2102                   Level Two Chinese II: Classroom Track

CHINESE 2141.01               Intensive Level Two Chinese-Oral: Classroom Track

CHINESE 2141.02               Intensive Level Two Chinese-Oral: Summer Intensive Track

CHINESE 2151.01               Intensive Level Two Chinese-Written: Classroom Track

CHINESE 2151.51               Intensive Level Two Chinese-Written: Individualized Track

CHINESE 2231                     Traditional Chinese Culture

CHINESE 2232                     Modern Chinese Culture

CHINESE 2283                     Chinese Calligraphy

CHINESE 2451                     Chinese Literature in Translation

CHINESE 4101                     Level Three Chinese I

CHINESE 4102                     Level Three Chinese II

CHINESE 4142.01               Intensive Level Three Chinese-Oral: Classroom Track

CHINESE 4142.02               Intensive Level Three Chinese-Oral: Summer Intensive Track

CHINESE 4152.01               Intensive Level Three Chinese-Written: Classroom Track

CHINESE 4152.51               Intensive Level Three Chinese-Written: Individualized Track

CHINESE 4194                   Group Studies

CHINESE 4301                     Conversational Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers I

CHINESE 4302                     Conversational Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers II

CHINESE 4380                     The Chinese Language

CHINESE 4381                     The Chinese Language and Its History

CHINESE 4383                     The Chinese Language and Its Script

CHINESE 4402                     Traditional Chinese Fiction in Translation

CHINESE 4403                     Modern Chinese Literature in Translation

CHINESE 4404                     Chinese Drama

CHINESE 4405                     China in Chinese Film

CHINESE 4406                     China Pop: Contemporary Popular Culture and Media in Greater China


CZECH 1101         Elementary Czech I

CZECH 1102         Elementary Czech II

CZECH 1103         Intermediate Czech I

CZECH 2104         Intermediate Czech II


FRENCH 1101.01               Beginning French I Classroom

FRENCH 1101.51               Beginning French I Individualized

FRENCH 1101.61               Beginning French I: Individualized DL

FRENCH 1102.01               Beginning French II Classroom

FRENCH 1102.51               Beginning French II Individualized

FRENCH 1102.61               Beginning French II: Individualized DL

FRENCH 1103.01               Beginning French III Conversation and Composition

FRENCH 1103.02               Beginning French III Conversation

FRENCH 1103.03               Beginning French III Contemporary Culture

FRENCH 1103.04               Beginning French III Civilization

FRENCH 1103.51               Beginning French III Individualized

FRENCH 1103.61               Beginning French III Individualized DL

FRENCH 1155.01               Beginning French Review Classroom

FRENCH 1801                     Masterpieces of the French-Speaking World

FRENCH 1803.01               Paris

FRENCH 2101.01               Introduction to French and Francophone Studies

FRENCH 2101.51               Introduction to French and Francophone Studies Individualized

FRENCH 2194                   Group Studies

FRENCH 2501                     Topics in French Literature and Culture in Translation

FRENCH 2801                     Classics of French Cinema

FRENCH 3101                     French Grammar Review

FRENCH 3102                     French Pronunciation and Performance

FRENCH 3103                     French Conversation

FRENCH 3201                     French Literary and Visual Texts

FRENCH 3202                     Literary and visual texts of the Francophone world

FRENCH 3301                     Discovering Second Language Acquisition

FRENCH 3401                     Introduction to Contemporary France

FRENCH 3402                     Introduction to Francophone Cultures

FRENCH 3403                     Topics in French-Speaking Cultures

FRENCH 3501                     Introduction to French for the Professions

FRENCH 3570                     CLLC Radio

FRENCH 3701                     Introduction to French Cinema

FRENCH 3801                     French-American Culture Wars

FRENCH 4194                   Group Studies

FRENCH 4401                     Topics in French and Francophone Studies


GERMAN 1101.01              German I

GERMAN 1101.51              German I - Self-Paced

GERMAN 1101.61              Beginning German I (Self-Paced Distance Learning)

GERMAN 1102.01              German II

GERMAN 1102.51              German II - Self-Paced

GERMAN 1103.01              German III

GERMAN 1103.51              German III - Self-Paced

GERMAN 1266                   German Review

GERMAN 2101                   Texts and Contexts I: Contemporary German Language, Culture and Society

GERMAN 2102                   Texts and Contexts II: 20th-Century German Language, History and Culture

GERMAN 2194                  Group Studies

GERMAN 2250                   Berlin: Stories, Languages, and Ideas

GERMAN 2251                   German Literature and Popular Culture

GERMAN 2253                   Magic, Murder and Mayhem

GERMAN 2254                   Grimms' Fairy Tales and their Afterlives

GERMAN 2255                   Postwar Culture in Germany and Japan

GERMAN 2256                   Fan Fiction: From Homer to Harry Potter

GERMAN 2350                   Introduction to German Studies

GERMAN 2352                   Development of Contemporary Germany:  Dresden Yesterday and Today

GERMAN 2367                   German Literature and American Culture

GERMAN 2451                   Hollywood: Exiles & Emigres

GERMAN 3101                   Texts and Contexts III: Historical Perspectives

GERMAN 3102                   News and Views: Conversations about Current Issues in the German-Speaking World

GERMAN 3200                   Topics in German Literature, Art and Film

GERMAN 3252                   The Holocaust in German Literature and Film

GERMAN 3253                   The German Experience in North America

GERMAN 3256                   Coming to Terms with the Holocaust and War in Germany: Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung

GERMAN 3300                   Topics in German Culture Studies, Social and Intellectual History

GERMAN 3351                   Democracy, Fascism and German Culture

GERMAN 3600                   Topics in German Linguistics/Language

GERMAN 3602                   German for the Professions I

GERMAN 3603                   Translation I

GERMAN 4194                  Undergraduate Group Studies

*GERMAN 4200                  Senior Seminar in German: Literature, Art and Film (German)

*GERMAN 4250                  Senior Seminar in German Studies: Literature, Art and Film (English)

*GERMAN 4300                  Senior Seminar in German: Culture Studies, Social and Intellectual History (German)

*GERMAN 4600                  Senior Seminar in German: Linguistics/Language (German)

GERMAN 4602                   German for the Professions II

GERMAN 4603                   Translation II


GREEK 1101         Elementary Ancient Greek

GREEK 1102         Intermediate Ancient Greek I

GREEK 2101         Attic Prose

GREEK 2102         Homer

GREEK 2103         The Greek Historians

GREEK 2104         Greek Tragedy

GREEK 2110         The Greek New Testament


HEBREW 1101.01              Elementary Hebrew I

HEBREW 1102.01              Elementary Hebrew II

HEBREW 1103.01              Intermediate Hebrew I

HEBREW 2105                    Modern Hebrew Grammar, Conversation, and Composition

*HEBREW 2194                  Group Studies

HEBREW 2205                    Art and Ancient Judaism

HEBREW 2216                    The Medieval Jewish Experience

HEBREW 2241                    Culture of Contemporary Israel

HEBREW 2245                    Israeli Film & Society

HEBREW 2367.01              Scripture and Script: The Bible in Contemporary Arts, Media, and Literature

HEBREW 2700                    Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature in Translation

HEBREW 2702                    Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation

HEBREW 2703                    Prophecy in the Bible and Post-Biblical Literature

HEBREW 2704                    Women in the Bible and Beyond

HEBREW 2708                    Biblical and Post-Biblical Wisdom Literature

HEBREW 3120                    Engaging Time: Philosophical and Rabbinic Dimensions of Temporality

HEBREW 3210                    The Jewish Mystical Tradition

HEBREW 4101                    Review of Grammar and Composition

HEBREW 4601                    Modern Hebrew Short Story

HEBREW 4602                    Modern Hebrew Poetry


HINDI 1101          Elementary Hindi I

HINDI 1102          Elementary Hindi II

HINDI 1103          Intermediate Hindi I

HINDI 2104         Intermediate Hindi II

HINDI 2194        Group Studies


HUNGRN 1103   Intermediate Hungarian I


ITALIAN 1101.01                 Italian I

ITALIAN 1101.02                 Italian I Hybrid

ITALIAN 1101.03                 Italian I Blended

ITALIAN 1102.01                 Italian II

ITALIAN 1102.02                 Italian II Hybrid

ITALIAN 1102.03                 Italian II Blended

ITALIAN 1103.01                 Italian III

ITALIAN 1103.02                 Italian III Hybrid

ITALIAN 1103.03                 Italian III Blended

ITALIAN 2051                      Fictions of Italy: Medieval and Renaissance Literature and Society

ITALIAN 2052                      Fictions of Italy: Modern and Contemporary Literature and Society

ITALIAN 2053                      Introduction to Italian Cinema

ITALIAN 2054                      Dante in Translation

ITALIAN 2055                      Mafia Movies

ITALIAN 2102                      Contemporary Italian Society

*ITALIAN 2194                     Group Studies

ITALIAN 3051                      The Crossroads of Romance: Tales of Heroes and Monsters from the Odyssey to Star Wars

ITALIAN 3103                     Styles and Stylistics

ITALIAN 3220                     Italian Culture Through the Ages

ITALIAN 3221                     Reading Italy: Italian Literature and Culture

ITALIAN 3222                     Modern Italian Media

ITALIAN 3223                     The Regions of Italy

ITALIAN 3224                     Post-Unification Italy

ITALIAN 3331                     The Languages of Italy

ITALIAN 3332                     The Sounds of Italian

ITALIAN 3570                    CLLC Radio

ITALIAN 4223                      Italian Cinema

ITALIAN 4224                      Survey of Italian Literature

ITALIAN 4225                      Italian Identities

ITALIAN 4226                      Italian Theater Workshop

ITALIAN 4330                      Structures of the Italian Language

ITALIAN 4331                      Italian Translating


JAPANSE 1101.01              Level One Japanese I: Classroom Track

JAPANSE 1101.02              Level One Japanese I: Summer Intensive Track

JAPANSE 1101.51              Level One Japanese I: Individualized Track

JAPANSE 1102.01              Level One Japanese II: Classroom Track

JAPANSE 1102.02              Level One Japanese II: Summer Intensive Track

JAPANSE 1102.51              Level One Japanese II: Individualized Track

JAPANSE 1103.01              Level Two Japanese I: Classroom Track

JAPANSE 1103.02              Level Two Japanese I: Summer Intensive Track

JAPANSE 1103.51              Level Two Japanese I: Individualized Track

JAPANSE 2102.01              Level Two Japanese II: Classroom Track

JAPANSE 2102.02              Level Two Japanese II: Summer Intensive Track

JAPANSE 2141                    Intensive Level Two Japanese-Oral

JAPANSE 2151                    Intensive Level Two Japanese-Written

JAPANSE 2231                    Elements of Japanese Culture

JAPANSE 2255                    Postwar Culture in Germany and Japan

JAPANSE 2451                    Japanese Literature in Translation

JAPANSE 2452                    Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

JAPANSE 4101                    Level Three Japanese I

JAPANSE 4102                    Level Three Japanese II

JAPANSE 4142                    Intensive Level Three Japanese-Oral

JAPANSE 4152                    Intensive Level Three Japanese-Written

JAPANSE 4194                 Group Studies

JAPANSE 4400                    Japanese Film and Visual Media

JAPANSE 4401                    Japanese Literature and Film in Critical Perspective


KOREAN 1101.01               Level One Korean I: Classroom Track

KOREAN 1101.51               Level One Korean I: Individualized Instruction

KOREAN 1102.01               Level One Korean II: Classroom Track

KOREAN 1102.51               Level One Korean II: Individualized Instruction

KOREAN 1103.01               Level Two Korean I: Classroom Track

KOREAN 1103.02               Level Two Korean I: Summer Intensive Track

KOREAN 1103.51               Level Two Korean I: Individualized Track

KOREAN 2102.01               Level Two Korean II: Classroom Track

KOREAN 2102.02               Level Two Korean II-Summer Intensive Track

KOREAN 2102.51               Level Two Korean II: Individualized Track

KOREAN 2231                     Elements of Korean Culture

KOREAN 2451                     Korean Literature in Translation

KOREAN 4194                  Group Studies


LATIN 1101.01    Elementary Latin I

LATIN 1101.55    Elementary Latin I: Accelerated

LATIN 1102.01    Intermediate Latin I

LATIN 1102.55    Elementary Latin II: Accelerated

LATIN 1103          Intermediate Latin II

LATIN 1890          Intensive Latin Workshop I

LATIN 1891          Intensive Latin Workshop II

LATIN 2101          Cicero

LATIN 2102          Vergil

LATIN 2103          Roman Historians

LATIN 2104          Ovid

LATIN 2105          Latin Lyric

LATIN 2106          Roman Comedy


MDRNGRK 1101                Elementary Modern Greek

MDRNGRK 1102                Intermediate Modern Greek I

MDRNGRK 1103                Intermediate Modern Greek II

MDRNGRK 2000                Athens: The Modern City

MDRNGRK 2100                Greece and Beyond: The Crossing of Borders Through Film

MDRNGRK 2240                Travels to Greece: The Search for a Cultural Ideal

MDRNGRK 2367                Reading and Writing About Issues in Greek-American Society and Culture

MDRNGRK 2410                Culture of Contemporary Greece

MDRNGRK 2680                Folklore of Contemporary Greece

MDRNGRK 3710                Modern Greek Literature in Translation


PERSIAN 1101    Elementary Persian I

PERSIAN 1102    Elementary Persian II

PERSIAN 1103    Intermediate Persian I

PERSIAN 2104    Intermediate Persian II

PERSIAN 2105    Intermediate Persian III

PERSIAN 2194  Group Studies

PERSIAN 2241    Persian Culture

PERSIAN 2701    Persian Literature in Translation

PERSIAN 2704    Introduction to Persian Epic

PERSIAN 3101    Advanced Persian: Reading and Composition


POLISH 1101       Elementary Polish I

POLISH 1102       Elementary Polish II

POLISH 1103       Intermediate Polish I

POLISH 2104       Intermediate Polish II

POLISH 3101       Advanced Polish I

POLISH 3102       Advanced Polish II


PORTGSE 1101.01             Portuguese I

PORTGSE 1101.51             Portuguese I Individualized

PORTGSE 1102.01             Portuguese II

PORTGSE 1102.51             Portuguese II Individualized

PORTGSE 1103.01             Portuguese III

PORTGSE 1103.51             Portuguese III Individualized

PORTGSE 2150                   Introduction to the  Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World

PORTGSE 2159                   Narratives of Travel and Intercultural Contact in the Early Modern Imperial World

PORTGSE 2330                   Introduction to Brazilian Culture

PORTGSE 2331                   Portuguese Culture and Society

PORTGSE 2335                   Cannibal Brazil: Cultural Encounters and Negotiations of Identity in Literature and Culture

PORTGSE 3401                   Advanced Portuguese Grammar

PORTGSE 3402                   Portuguese Reading and Listening

PORTGSE 3403                   Portuguese Conversation and Composition

PORTGSE 3450                   Introduction to the Study of Literatures and Cultures

PORTGSE 3570                   CLLC Radio

PORTGSE 4510                   Portuguese Translation

PORTGSE 4550                   Literatures of the Portuguese Speaking World

PORTGSE 4560                   Cultural Expressions of Portugal and Lusophone Africa

PORTGSE 4561                   Cultural Expressions of Brazil

PORTGSE 4595                                Special Topics in Foreign Study

PORTGSE 4597.01             Coloniality and Postcoloniality in the Literatures of Portugal and Portuguese-Speaking Africa

PORTGSE 4597.02             Representing Identity in the Cinema of the Portuguese-Speaking World

PORTGSE 4606                   Business Culture and Communication in Portuguese


ROMANIA 1101 Elementary Romanian I

ROMANIA 1102 Elementary Romanian II

ROMANIA 1103 Intermediate Romanian I

ROMANIA 1111 Intensive Intermediate Romanian

ROMANIA 2104 Intermediate Romanian II


RUSSIAN 1101.01             1st-Year Russian I (Classroom Track)

RUSSIAN 1101.51             Elementary Russian I (Self-Paced)

RUSSIAN 1102.01             Elementary Russian II (Classroom Track)

RUSSIAN 1102.51             Elementary Russian II (Self-Paced)

RUSSIAN 1103.01             Intermediate Russian I (Classroom Track)

RUSSIAN 1103.51             Intermediate Russian I (Self-Paced)

RUSSIAN 1103.99             Intermediate Russian I (Online)

RUSSIAN 1133                  Intermediate Russian for Heritage Speakers

RUSSIAN 2104.01             Intermediate Russian II (Classroom Track)

RUSSIAN 2104.51             Intermediate Russian II (Self-Paced)

RUSSIAN 2144                  Intermediate Russian for Heritage Speakers II

RUSSIAN 2250                  Masterpieces of Russian Literature

RUSSIAN 2335.01             Magnificence, Mayhem, and Mafia: Russian Culture

RUSSIAN 2335.99             Magnificence, Mayhem, and Mafia: Russian Culture

RUSSIAN 2345                  Russian Fairy Tales and Folklore

RUSSIAN 2355.99             Russians and their Vodka: Deconstructing Myths

RUSSIAN 3101                  Third-Year Russian I: Contemporary Russian in Cultural and Literary Contexts

RUSSIAN 3102                  Third-Year Russian II: Current Events through the Russian Media

RUSSIAN 3121                  Advanced Reading Russian I Self-Paced

RUSSIAN 3122                  Advanced Reading Russian II Self-Paced

RUSSIAN 3350                  Russian Culture and Politics

RUSSIAN 3460                  Modern Russian Experience through Film

RUSSIAN 3470                  Anna Karenina Goes to Hollywood: Tolstoy's Novel in Film and Popular Culture

RUSSIAN 3530                  Russian Cuisine in History, Literature and Culture

RUSSIAN 3570                  CLLC Radio

RUSSIAN 4101                  Advanced Russian I

RUSSIAN 4102                  Advanced Russian II

RUSSIAN 4135                  Practical Russian Pronunciation

RUSSIAN 4220                  Love and Death in Russian Literature and Film

RUSSIAN 4221                  Revolution and Restoration in Russian Literature

*RUSSIAN 4575                Capstone Course for Russian Majors


SCANDVN 3350                 Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture


SLAVIC 2230        Vampires, Monstrosity, and Evil: From Slavic Myth to Twilight

SLAVIC 2345        Introduction to Slavic and East European Literature and Culture

SLAVIC 2367        East European Immigrant Experience in America

SLAVIC 3310        Science Fiction: East vs. West

SLAVIC 3333        The Soviet Space Age

SLAVIC 3360        Screening Minorities: Representations of the Other in Slavic Film

SLAVIC 3800        Bilingualism: Life in Two Worlds

SLAVIC 4597        Politics of Language in Southeast Europe


SOMALI 1101      Elementary Somali I

SOMALI 1102      Elementary Somali II

SOMALI 1103      Elementary Somali III

SOMALI 2201      Intermediate Somali I

SOMALI 2241      Intermediate Somali II

SOMALI 3301      Intermediate Somali III


SPANISH 1101.01             Spanish I

SPANISH 1102.01             Spanish II

SPANISH 1103.01             Spanish III

SPANISH 1103.51             Spanish III: Individualized Instruction

SPANISH 1155                  Intensive Spanish for Review

SPANISH 2150                  Culture and Literature of Spain

SPANISH 2151                  Latin American Culture and Literature

SPANISH 2202.01             Spanish IV

SPANISH 2208.22             Andean Music Ensemble

SPANISH 2213             Spanish IV for Heritage Speakers

SPANISH 2242                  Introduction to Latino Studies

SPANISH 2302                  Spanish Conversation

SPANISH 2320                  Don Quixote in Translation

SPANISH 2321                  The Spanish Don Juan Theme in the Theatre

SPANISH 2322                  Spanish Society and the Arts

SPANISH 2330                  Reinventing America

SPANISH 2331                  Caribbean Cultures

SPANISH 2332                  Introduction to Andean and Amazonian Cultures

SPANISH 2380                  Introduction to Latin American Film

SPANISH 2389                  Spanish in the US: Language as Social Action

SPANISH 2504                  Language, Culture & Communication in Latino Health

SPANISH 2506                  Latin American Culture in a Business Context

SPANISH 2510                  Mexican Studies

SPANISH 2520                  Latin American Literature (in Translation): Fictions and Realities

SPANISH 3401                  Advanced Grammar

SPANISH 3403                  Intermediate Spanish Composition

SPANISH 3404                  Spanish Pronunciation

SPANISH 3406                  Intermediate Business Spanish

SPANISH 3413                  Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPANISH 3450                  Introduction to the Study of Literature and Culture in Spanish: Reading Texts

SPANISH 3570                  CLLC Radio

SPANISH 4430                  Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

SPANISH 4461                  Latino Urbanism and the Reinvention of the American City

SPANISH 4501.51             Advanced Spanish for the Professions: STEM

SPANISH 4515                  Andean Art, Culture, and Society

SPANISH 4516                  The Formation of Bolivian National Cultures

SPANISH 4534                  Spanish Phonology

SPANISH 4536                  Language Change in Spanish

SPANISH 4537                  Spanish Psycholinguistics

SPANISH 4538                  Language Variation in Spanish

SPANISH 4551                  Spanish Golden Age Literature

SPANISH 4552                  Modern Spanish Literature

SPANISH 4555                  Indigenous, Colonial, & National Literatures and Cultures of Spanish America

SPANISH 4556                  Modern Spanish American Literature

SPANISH 4557.10             Introduction to Latino Literature in the U.S.

SPANISH 4557.20             Introduction to Other Latino Literature in the U.S.

SPANISH 4560                  Introduction to Spanish American Culture

SPANISH 4561                  Introduction to the Culture of Spain

SPANISH 4564                  Spanish Culture During Francoism

SPANISH 4567                  Spanish Mosaic: Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia and Andalusia

SPANISH 4568                  Catalan Cultures

SPANISH 4570                  Latin Soundscapes: Musical Cultures of Latin America

SPANISH 4580                  Latin American Film

SPANISH 4581                  Spanish Film

SPANISH 4582                  Latinx Cinema: Filmmaking, Production & Consumption

SPANISH 4595.01             Special Topics in Foreign Study

SPANISH 4595.02             Special Topics in Foreign Study

SPANISH 4595.03             Special Topics in Foreign Study

SPANISH 4603                  Advanced Spanish Composition

SPANISH 4606                  Advanced Business Spanish

SPANISH 4610                  Contrastive Structures of Spanish and English

*SPANISH 5201                 Spanish in the Health Professions

*SPANISH 2367S               The US Experience: Hispanics, Language, and Literacy

SPANISH 4689S                Translation and Interpreting in the Latino Community


SWAHILI 1101     Elementary Swahili I

SWAHILI 1102     Elementary Swahili II

SWAHILI 1103     Elementary Swahili III

SWAHILI 2201     Intermediate Swahili I

SWAHILI 2241     Intermediate Swahili II: Translation

SWAHILI 3301     Intermediate Swahili III


SWEDISH 1101   Swedish I

SWEDISH 1102   Swedish II

SWEDISH 1103   Swedish III

SWEDISH 2101   Texts and Contexts: Contemporary Swedish Language, Culture, and Society


TURKISH 1101    Elementary Turkish I

TURKISH 1102    Elementary Turkish II

TURKISH 1103    Intermediate Turkish I

TURKISH 2101    Intermediate Turkish II

TURKISH 2102    Intermediate Turkish III

TURKISH 2194  Group Studies

TURKISH 2241    Turkish Culture

TURKISH 2701    Turkish Literature in Translation

TURKISH 3001    Advanced Turkish Syntax


UZBEK 1101         Elementary Uzbek I

UZBEK 1102         Elementary Uzbek II

UZBEK 1103         Intermediate Uzbek I

UZBEK 2101         Intermediate Uzbek II

UZBEK 2102         Intermediate Uzbek III

UZBEK 3102         Advanced Uzbek


YIDDISH 2241     Yiddish Culture

YIDDISH 2367     Jewish-American Voices in U.S. Literature

YIDDISH 3371     Yiddish Literature in Translation

YIDDISH 3399     Holocaust in Yiddish and Ashkenazic Literature and Film

Math & Computational Sciences


CSE 1110              Introduction to Computing Technology

CSE 1111              Introduction to Computer-Assisted Problem Solving

CSE 1112              Introduction to Computer-Assisted Problem Solving for Construction Systems Management

CSE 1113              Spreadsheet Programming for Business

CSE 1114              Introduction to Databases Using MS Access

CSE 1194/2194/4194             Group Studies in Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 1211              Computational Thinking in Context: Images, Animation, and Games

CSE 1213              Computational Thinking in Context: Game Development

CSE 1222              Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists

CSE 1223              Introduction to Computer Programming in Java

CSE 2021              Introduction to Modeling and Simulation

CSE 2111              Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases

CSE 2112              Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases for Engineers

CSE 2122              Data Structures Using C++

CSE 2123              Data Structures Using Java

CSE 2221              Software I: Software Components

CSE 2231              Software II: Software Development and Design

CSE 2321              Foundations I: Discrete Structures

CSE 2451              Advanced C Programming


MATH 1116          Excursions in Mathematics

MATH 1130          College Algebra for Business

MATH 1131          Calculus for Business

MATH 1148          College Algebra

MATH 1149          Trigonometry

MATH 1150          Pre-Calculus

MATH 1151          Calculus I

MATH 1152          Calculus II

MATH 2153         Calculus III

MATH 2255         Differential Equations and Their Applications

MATH 2568         Linear Algebra


PHILOS 2500                       Symbolic Logic


STAT 1450            Introduction to the Practice of Statistics

STAT 2450            Introduction to Statistical Analysis I

STAT 2480            Statistics for the Life Sciences

STAT 3470            Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Physical Sciences


ASTRON 1140     Planets and The Solar System

ASTRON 1144     Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe


AVIATN 2000      Introduction to the Aviation Industry

AVIATN 2100      Private Pilot Fundamentals

AVIATN 2300      Aircraft Performance and Weather


CHEM 1110         Elementary Chemistry

CHEM 1210         General Chemistry I

CHEM 1220         General Chemistry II

CHEM 2510         Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 2520         Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 2540         Organic Chemistry Laboratory I

CHEM 2550         Organic Chemistry Laboratory II


CRPSOIL 2191T   Crop and Soil Internship


EARTHSC 1100   Planet Earth: How It Works

EARTHSC 1121   The Dynamic Earth

EARTHSC 1122   Earth Through Time

EARTHSC 2203   Environmental Geoscience


ENR 2100             Introduction to Environmental Science


GENBIOL 1250T General Botany with Applications


GEOG 2400          Economic and Social Geography

GEOG 2750          World Regional Geography

GEOG 2960          Introduction to Physical Geography


HCS 2200              The World of Plants

*HCS 4191.01       Sustainable Plant Systems Major Internship

*HCS 4191.02       PGM Internship


HORTTEC 2191.10T           Floral Design and Marketing Internship

HORTTEC 2191.21T           Greenhouse Management Internship

HORTTEC 2191.22T           Nursery Management Internship

HORTTEC 2191.23T           Greenhouse Engineering Technology Internship

HORTTEC 2191.30T           Landscape Horticulture Internship

HORTTEC 2191.50T           Turfgrass Management Internship

HORTTEC 2191.55T           Turfgrass Equipment Manager Internship

HORTTEC 2225T                Turf Equipment Operation and Maintenance

HORTTEC 2600T                Commercial Floral Design


PHYSICS 1103                    World of Energy: Forces, Electricity, Magnetism, Machines

PHYSICS 1104                    World of Energy: Light, Thermodynamics, Energy Sources

PHYSICS 1200                    Mechanics, Kinematics, Fluids, Waves

PHYSICS 1201                    E&M, Optics, Modern Physics

PHYSICS 1250                     Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves

PHYSICS 1251                     E&M, Optics, Modern Physics

Social Sciences


ANTHROP 2200                  Introduction to Physical Anthropology

ANTHROP 2201                  Introduction to Archaeology

ANTHROP 2202                  Peoples and Cultures: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology



HDFS 2400           Life Span Human Development

HDFS 2410           Child Development


INTSTDS 2000                     Introduction to Africa

INTSTDS 2050                     Introduction to China and Japan

INTSTDS 2100                     Introduction to Latin America

INTSTDS 2200                     Introduction to the Modern Middle East

INTSTDS 2500                     Introduction to Development Studies

INTSTDS 2800                     Introduction to Peace Studies


POLITSC 1100                     Introduction to American Politics

POLITSC 1165                     Introduction to Politics

POLITSC 1200                     Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLITSC 1300                     Global Politics

POLITSC 2150                     Voters and Elections

POLITSC 2300                     American Foreign Policy

POLITSC 2400                     Introduction to Political Theory

POLITSC 4191                     Internship


PSYCH 1100                         Introduction to Psychology

PSYCH 2367.01                   Social Psychology

PSYCH 3331                        Abnormal Psychology

PSYCH 3340                         Introduction to Life Span Developmental Psychology

PSYCH 3530                         Theories of Personality


PUBAFRS 1191                  High School Internship

PUBAFRS 2110                  Introduction to Public Affairs

PUBAFRS 4191.01            Public Affairs Internship


RURLSOC 1500                   Introduction to Rural Sociology

SOCIOL 1101                       Introductory Sociology

SOCIOL 2202                       Social Problems and Public Policy

SOCIOL 2209                       Introduction to Criminal Justice

SOCIOL 2210                      Sociological Aspects of Deviance

SOCIOL 2330                      Marriage and Society

SOCIOL 2345                      The Social Structure of American Society

SOCIOL 3380                      Racial and Ethnic Relations in America

SOCIOL 3410                      Criminology

SOCIOL 4611                      Prisons, Jails, and Community Corrections


SOCWORK 1120                 Introduction to Social Welfare

SOCWORK 1130                 Introduction to Social Work in Contemporary Society