Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Application Process

After a student submits a completed Academy application, it will take time to be uploaded into the system, evaluated by the admissions committee and a decision posted. Students may monitor the status of the application process through

All applicants should activate their OSU username and password at after receiving a confirmation email (within 5 days of applying.) This email will include your OSU ID and Ohio State username (lastname.#). 

Once the Ohio State username is activated, students can then access their Applicant Center at to check on the Application Status and To Do List. 

If your application status is incomplete, the Applicant Center will specify what is missing. Remember that it can take up to 10 days for submitted items to be processed and matched to the correct application.

If you need any technical assistance with the website or accessing the online application, students can directly contact the 24 hour IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 (HELP) , via email at or online at

Students may contact BuckeyeLink at 614-292-3980 or to make any updates to the application after submission.

Students can check the status of their application by logging into their Applicant Center through BuckeyeLink or

Applicants and enrolled students are required to enroll in BuckeyePass, OSU’s authentication system. You will be prompted to set up your BuckeyePass or can choose to enroll now at

No. Admission to CCP for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school year will be test optional. Students who do not meet the test optional criteria can submit test scores.

For purposes of admission to College Credit Plus programs, a student does NOT have to have ACT or SAT scores sent directly from the testing agency.  If the student is applying to the Academy program on one of our Regional campuses, they can either be admitted through the test-optional criteria, submit ACT or SAT scores, or take the ACCUPLACER exam at an Ohio State campus.

The School Information Form is the place where test score information can be indicated, as well as where the school official can indicate that the student needs to take the Accuplacer. 

If ACT or SAT scores are listed on the school transcript, they will be considered.

In addition to the admission application, you and your parent/guardian will need to complete the Mature Content Permission Slip. 

Your school counselor will need to send a current school transcript and the School Information Form to the undergraduate admissions office.

It will take up to 10 business days for documents to be uploaded into your application file. 

Academy admission applications will undergo committee review once the online application AND supporting documents (school transcript or grade card for 7th/8th graders), standardized test scores, the School Information Form, and the Mature Content Permission Slip have all been received.

The complete application is evaluated by the admissions committee and the admission decision of Admit, Deny or Defer is sent directly to the applicant’s email address. 

If a student is deferred, they will need to submit additional academic information for the admissions committee to review (i.e. updated school transcript, updated test scores) by the specified date. 

Students can check their application status online through the Applicant Center on BuckeyeLink.

You can contact the Undergraduate Admissions office at and request to have your application updated to the new term. Please send updated transcripts if they are available. 

No, you don't have to re-apply every term. You should apply for your first term, and if you are accepted into the program and enroll in classes, you can continue taking classes until you graduate from high school.

FAQs: Admitted Students

A CCP student can only be enrolled in 30 credit hours per CCP academic year (Summer through Spring). This 30 hours includes high school courses and CCP courses together.   

Each OSU course is worth anywhere between 1 and 5 credit hours.   

Each high school class must be included in the credit count – 3 credit hours for every one year long course.  

The total amount of credit hours available to a CCP student at OSU is determined by the amount of hours available after HS hours are subtracted from 30.

Most Academy students take 1 to 2 courses per semester. However, there are Academy students who do take classes at OSU full-time (none at high school), which typically means 4-5 classes.

No, CCP students cannot “hold a space” in future classes. You should have back-up options in case the class you want to take fills up before your advising appointment.

Students planning on taking a language course will need to take the placement test for that language if they are not starting at the 1101 level (introductory). 

Students wishing to take classes with a math prerequisite who do not already have credit through AP or previous college credit will take a math placement test prior to Orientation. Learn more about study materials for the placement test.

You can meet a course prerequisite in several ways:

A prerequisite is a course or requirement that a student must complete with a satisfactory grade before enrolling in another advanced course.   

Sometimes a prerequisite is a specific course or set of courses and sometimes it is a certain criterion (number of credit hours, enrollment in a certain major, etc). 

Many courses have prerequisites, so it is important to read the course description to determine if there is a prerequisite and if all requirements have been met.  

No. Academy students will meet with an advisor each term to schedule classes. Only your advisor can add or drop classes from your schedule.

Orientation is your introduction to Ohio State and covers every aspect of being a CCP student at OSU. Each campus will host an Orientation for new students before the start of each term.

You will enroll in classes after you attend an Academy Orientation, which typically is held in July (for fall start), November (for spring start) and April (for summer start).   

At Ohio State, students schedule classes based on their rank at the university - seniors schedule first, followed by juniors, etc. College Credit Plus (Academy) students have the lowest priority in the scheduling process, and will schedule after our incoming freshmen have gone through Orientation (in summer) or when freshmen are allowed to schedule (in autumn/spring).

Congratulations! You will first need to accept your admission to the OSU Academy by logging into your BuckeyeLink account or and click on Accept Admission. 

Next, set up your BuckeyeMail email account by going to and clicking on Change Email Delivery and then clicking on Create my BuckeyeMail account. It may take up to 90 minutes for this process to update.   

FAQs: Enrolled Students

No. If you have already enrolled in a course as an Academy student and have taken time off (Leave of Absence), you will not need to re-apply.  All students returning from a Leave of Absence should contact the Academy office at for further instructions.

Books are the responsibility of your high school You will receive information at the Academy Orientation on how your high school can pay for your books.

You will need to contact your other colleges and universities to learn about their policies for transferring credit. You can research options online through the Transferology website.

You can send Ohio State transcripts to other colleges and universities through the OSU Registrar's office.

If you are applying to Ohio State as a new first year student, you do not need to send official OSU transcripts. You will need to send transcripts from your high school and any other colleges you have attended.  

All students who are interested in attending Ohio State after high school graduation must apply for admission as a new first year student. You are not guaranteed admission even if you have participated in the OSU Academy Program.

CCP students can opt into using the RPAC by paying the membership fee for the semester. Go to the Welcome Desk inside RPAC to purchase the membership.

You can use COTA buses, but you will have to pay the regular fare. You are not eligible for the OSU student rate.  

You can participate in most student organizations. You are not able to participate in the OSU Marching Band, OSU Varsity Sports, or Greek Letter Organizations.   

Yes, CCP students can participate in undergraduate research if a professor gives permission. 

CCP students are eligible to purchase a parking permit to park in the Buckeye Lots on north campus. If you do not have a parking permit, you can pay the daily rate to park in the garages or central campus parking garages. 

Yes, you can purchase a meal plan through university dining services.  

No, Housing is not available for CCP students. You must live within 30 miles of the Columbus campus to take classes on campus. Otherwise you can enroll in online classes.

Yes, if you go over the number of hours covered through the CCP program you can enroll in additional classes as a self-pay student. You will pay the full regular cost of tuition and fees

Additional Questions?

If you still have questions after reviewing this FAQ, please email us at Looking forward to working with you!

The OSU Academy College Credit Plus Program Staff
Michele Brown, Program Director and Kelli Reavling-Cobb, Assistant Director