Next Steps for Admitted Students

What happens once you are admitted to the Academy Program?

Once you are admitted you will receive information about orientation and class scheduling. This will come directly from the specific campus you will attend. 

You will meet your academic advisor during Orientation. You'll learn how to use online resources for course scheduling, important dates for the semester, and how to navigate the campus. 

Ohio State has a priority scheduling process. Priority is given to students based on their rank at Ohio State. Seniors schedule first, followed by juniors, etc. Since CCP students have not yet graduated from high school, their priority falls after Ohio State freshmen.


Pre-Orientation Checklist

Activate your OSU username and password: 

  • Visit
  • Select “activate”
  • Select “need activation code” 
  • Follow activation steps 

Accept Admission to Academy: 

  • Visit
  • Access Applicant Center 
  • Enroll in BuckeyePass 
  • Accept Admission to the Academy Program

Complete “To Do” Checklist: 

  • Visit
  • Access “My Buckeyelink” 
  • Complete “To Do” checklist on Buckeyelink (right side) 
  • Select Financial Responsibility Statement 
  • Read, Agree and Submit
  • Respond to Vaccination Reporting Requirements
  • View Safety Modules

Academy Orientation Dates

Orientation will be held for new students before the start of each term. Admitted students will receive an invitation from your campus of enrollment approximately one month before the orientation date.

Dates will vary by campus, but will be held in the following months:

  • Autumn semester: July and August
  • Spring semester: November and December
  • Summer term: March and April

Communication with Your School Counselor

You will need to let your school counselor know that you have enrolled in OSU classes. Be sure to check in throughout the scheduling process. Your school counselor will have the answers for these questions:

  • How will OSU classes help you meet high school graduation requirements?
  • How many classes do you need to take for athletic eligibility?
  • How many credits do you have available each year and semester?

CCP is a partnership between you, your family, Ohio State and your school. 

Questions? Contact Us!

Questions about your Academy application:

Questions about course enrollment:

  • Contact the Academy Advisor on your campus.

Technology questions: